Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Learning to love deleted scene #1

Ok, deleted scene from my story Learning to love (A Gaara love story) Lesson 25: Home sweet Home. Enjoy! Gaara lemon.


Your POV

Finally. You’ve been away from the sand village for about a mouth now because you went to the stone village to visit everyone. Cho and Mashiro were still dating you were so happy. It’s been one year since you’ve married Gaara and you missed him so much. He couldn’t come with you cause of some Kazekage duties. Ima and father were the same, and believe it or not Hitomi and Kankuro were dating. She was actually thinking about moving out to the sand with you seeing as though their relationship was getting deeper. Kankuro couldn’t leave, because with Temari living in the leaf with Shikamaru, he wanted to be there for his brother. Though she tried to visit as much as she could. You walked threw the front door and then closed it, locking it once more.

You sighed: “It’s good to be home…” you were slightly tired, it was like four in the morning. But you were also a little horny at the moment. You haven’t seen Gaara in a month so… You wanted to get reacquainted. The first thing you did was eat a toaster straddle. Then you went down stairs to the basement and saw Gaara knocked out on the bed. You smiled a little, you could tell he was trying to wait for you. Sure he was wearing pajama’s; a plain black T-shirt and red silk crimson long pants. But a book was in his hands, well, half in hand resting on the bed. He looked so sexy right now... You would jump him right now, but, you wanted to take a shower first. You didn’t even bother soaking in the tub after wards.

You: “Hm… How should I do this?” you didn’t want to like wake him up, cause then he’s be all cranky and not want to. But… You wanted him right this second. You stripped from your pajama’s so you were naked. You crawled on top of him and sat on his lap. You kissed his lips gently, letting them linger for a while. He was still asleep obviously cause he was wasn’t puckering back. You kissed his neck, nuzzling into his, smelling his always used tropical body wash. You licked and began to kiss his neck, light nibbles, slowly moving around and down to his caller bone, pulling at the neck of his shirt to expose his skin.

You thinking: ‘How is he still sleeping?’ usually he was awake by this time. You began slowly grinding your waist against him and waited for him to grind back. Nothing. Your shoulders dropped, he was breathing, his heart was beating, so what the hell was wrong with him? Was he truly knocked out that much? Your hands trailed his chest and your hips sped up. He hardened. You smiled a little as you felt his growing erection. Yet he himself still wasn’t moving. Your smile dropped. Maybe something was wrong? You began to panic.

You shook him: “Gaara? Gaara?! Gaara!” you stopped your grinding and started screaming freaking out. “GAARA! Wake up! What’s wrong?! Gaara!” nothing. You didn’t know what to do. That’s when you saw Gaara smirk and hold back a chuckle. You glared.

You: “Bastard! Do you know how worried I was?!” He opened his eyes and smiled.

Gaara: “I’m sorry Plum blossom, I’m glad your home” his hands rested on your naked hips.

You: “How long have you been awake?”

Gaara: “Sine you were in the shower” you grew a vein.

You: “And here I was trying to wake you up in the most peaceful manner…”

Gaara: “It was sweet” he smiled up at you then glanced at your naked breast “I missed you” he looked back into your eyes. “Sorry I couldn’t come with you”

You: “its ok” you leaned down to kiss him, this time you got one back “I missed you too…” he ground your hips against him and you moaned throwing off his shirt and felt all over his muscular chest. You kissed him again and felt his tongue rub against your lip and you kindly opened your mouth for him. You started grind again. Before long, you felt his hands touching your breasts. Your nipples stood up, almost as if on his command. Gaara’s fingertips ran slowly over them, and you lifted up a little more then pressed yourself against his warm hands. Your tongue rolled along his lips, and traced his teeth. You took your tongue, and began licking downwards on him, lingering on his neckline, tracing each inch with your wet appendage. You rubbed your hands along his chest, feeling his taut, tight muscular structure. Gaara was lean and tall, maybe about five foot ten or six foot. He had muscles, but they were just big enough not to scare you but to totally turn you on. You leaned down once more, and continued your oral exploration of Gaara’s chest. Your tongue slid down along the crease in his muscle, then looped around to encircle his nipple. You lingered there, quickly sliding your tongue back and forth over the stub. Gaara let out a small grunt, and arched his back some. You slid down between his legs and rested your knees on the bed, kicked the book he was reading on the floor. You ran your lips up and down the inside of his thigh on top of his pants, and then reached up to tug at them. Slowly, you pulled them off of him, but left the underwear on. Seeing the huge bulge from his excitement. You resumed the frantic kissing of Gaara’s thighs, while rubbing his stomach and legs with your hands. You then reached for his boxers, running your hand up and down his hard, large member from it's cottony sheath.

Gaara moaned softly: “Ume…” you slid the boxers off completely, setting his erection free and threw them to the floor. Again, you kissed the inside of his thighs, though this time brushing your face against his member, and letting your long blonde hair fall between his legs, caressing him gently. Then, suddenly but slowly, you stuck the large prize into your mouth, sliding a full five of it's eight inches in. Gaara grunted as you did, and his muscles twitched involuntarily. You bobbed your head up and down, stopping only the swivel your toughed on the head to make Gaara squirm and tease him more. Once he’d had enough, he sat up a little, grabbing your waist and pulling you up ward to his lips so he could attack your mouth with his. When he was finished, you kiss downward, finding your nipple easier and sucked on them like there was no tomorrow. You moaned and bucked against him blushing slightly and tangled your hands in his hair. You whimpered feeling him nip at your hard peaks and his other hand stroke your watering woman hood.

You: “Gaara…” you needed him right now. It’s been a mouth, let’s not wait longer. You kissed his forehead, and gently pushed him on his back to the bed then positioned your entrance over his awaiting shaft. He grabbed your hips firmly and helped you down as you sat on his lap. You both let a moan of pleasure escape your lips at once. You sunk down all the way trying to get reused to his size deep with in you. Once your walls tightened, loosens, and re-tightened around him some you leaned down and kissed his lips. Gaara kissed gently back, beginning to trust his hips and grind yours. You moaned into his mouth, missing this intimate pleasure he always gave you, and you in return always gave him. You pressed your nude chest against his loving the feel of his raising muscles with each breath. You both began speeding up, picking up the pace as your needs grew. Yes, a mouth away was defiantly too long. He would defiantly be coming with you next time. By this time you were both-well mainly you-yelling into the room, pumping as hard as you could. Gaara’s suddenly stopped, leaving you to grind on your own. You were so close, you couldn’t stop now.

Gaara panted: “Wait… I’m going to… Stop for a minute” he began reaching for the night stand, where you knew the condom’s were, but you shook your head and drew his hand back. He opened his eyes and looked at you. “You sure?”

You nodded: “Yes… Please…” he nodded, understanding completely and started to help you grind again. He then flipped your positions, powerfully thrusting your back into the silk sheets. Gaara kissed his way up to your lips, capturing them in a passionate, yet rough embrace. Tongues wrestled violently for one moment, then danced in harmony the next. Your moans were muffled by his mouth, thankfully. He began to speed up, their bodies rocking together in harmony. His hands were on either side of you to stop him from allowing gravity to pull him down and crushing your petite form. Your lips parted and your breathing became uneven and rough.

You groaned: “G-Gaara…” He knew what you wanted, even though you didn’t have to say it, and obliged by speeding up even more. He pounded into you ferociously now, arms trembling with the intense speed. You moaned his name over and over, your head thrown back and your blonde damp hair strewn over the pillow.

Gaara growled: “Damn it, Ume…” burying his head in your shoulder and trying not to scream. It was just his nature to keep quiet in bed. He slammed into you over and over, his eyes squeezed as tight as he could. You screamed uncontrollably, fingernails raking his back and leaving faint red marks on his pale skin. your long silky legs wrapped around his waist. He looked so hot tonight, trying to suppress his moans and hiding his face in your shoulder. His name came from your lips, broken and hoarse. You pulled him into you, loving the body heat you both shared. He was perfect to you. He fell to his elbows when his hands lost all their energy. Remember it is five in the morning, he did wake up like half an hour ago, and he’d been up only hours before. He continued to slam his hips against yours.

You moaned: “Gaa…Ruh!... I lo-la-oh…God!” you whined slash moaned, throwing your head back in pleasure. Your hands were now almost completely wrapped around his back, tracing over every vertebrae down his back slowly, massaging each bone in slow, small circles. He cursed several times, his body beginning to shake as you could feel his climax coming near. He panted. You yelled. You moaned. You hissed in pleasure. He grit his teeth and squeezed his eyes closed. This was more then sex. This was making love. There is a very big difference. And it felt so different with out the condom. It was a feeling of bonding, sharing your bodies in the most intimate way known to man. Both of you experienced a pleasure so powerful; your bodies shook as you climaxed in harmony. You let out a shriek like no other, and as your walls clamped down on his manhood hard, he too whimpered and let out a burst of semen inside of you. Gaara collapsed on the side of you panting with all he was worth, you were too. Once the high was over, he pulled you into his arms and pulled the crimson silk sheets above the both of you.

Gaara whispered: “I love you” as he lightly kissed over your face.

You nuzzled him: “I love you too Tanuki-kun”

Gaara nuzzled back: “You do realize, that there’s a strong chance you’ll be pregnant now?”

You nodded: “Yeah, but it’s ok, I want to bare your babies” you smiled up at him and he smiled back.

Gaara: “Tell me everything about your visit”

You: “Ok well-“

Gaara: “In the morning?”

You giggled and nodded: “Ok, sure”

Gaara: “Good night”

You nodded: “Night, night” you soon fell asleep in his arms.


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